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IQ Performance believes that fitness should be accessible and inspiring for everyone, regardless of their age, fitness level, or personal goals.

We are passionate about providing high-quality, innovative fitness equipment and supplements that empower people to live healthy, active lives.


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Accesible &
for everyone

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their fitness goals, whether that means losing weight, building strength, or simply improving overall health and wellness. We strive to make fitness more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, so that they can experience the many physical and mental benefits of exercise, for a reasonable price.

IQ Performance is committed to investing in the latest technology, design, and engineering to create fitness equipment that is innovative, effective, and easy to use.

We also believe that education and community are key components of fitness, and we aim to provide our customers with resources, support, and motivation to help them reach their goals.

We are more than just a fitness equipment company – we are a community of people who are passionate about health and wellness, and who are dedicated to helping others achieve their best.

Join us on our mission to create a healthier, happier, and more active world for everyone.